Tapiz hojas moringa con

In Natural Lamu, we strive to capitalize -in a sustainable manner- the
natural resources offered to us by our beautiful environment.
Based on the understanding of the properties and benefits that nature
brings to us, we develop natural products of the highest quality and performance.
Our main goal is to be able to contribute to the individual efforts of people
who aspire to create around themselves practices and routines
which are increasingly authentic and respectful to their environments.

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natural products

inspired by

lamu island's nature

Our selection of products aims to address the growing demand for having natural alternatives of the highest quality and performance to deal with problems that synthetic products do not solve and sometimes even complicate. At Natural Lamu we put nature in its pure state and the best quality ingredients at the service of people's well-being with utmost respect for the environment.


In our farm we grow different trees and plants that provide exceptional benefits both in the area of ​​health and cosmetics: the neem tree has powerful antibiotic properties with numerous applications in human health; the leaves of the moringa tree have a very high nutritional value and the seeds yield an oil which is highly valued in the cosmetic industry; together with mango, papaya, coconut, lemongrass, basil, tulsi and many other plants and herbs, form the basis of our product range.

Ginger, cardamom, turmeric, clove, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla... the great variety of spices which is characteristic of the regions blessed by the Indian Ocean, and their multiple benefits for health and cosmetics, are the perfect complement to achieve maximum performance in the formulation of our natural products.