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Natural Craft and Farming
Hands-On Experience

Stay with us, Learn with us

Immerse yourself in an environmentally conscious  lifestyle experience in the beautiful island of Lamu while learning the art of creating eco-friendly personal care products

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A Proven Track Record of Excellence

in the Manufacturing and Retail Sale of

Natural Personal Care Products

Natural Lamu is a trusted name in the natural products industry, with more than 6 years of experience.

A dedicated team of over 100 employees, 75% of whom are women.
We manufacture and sell over 200 different products across 20 categories, all 100% natural and handmade.
Our product range includes soaps, oils, oil balms, body butters, perfumes, aromatherapy solutions, bath bombs, lip balms, scrubs, masks, deodorants, hydrosol mists, snacks, and many more.
With 4 shops in prominent locations in Nairobi and 6 shops along the coast of Kenya, we have established a strong presence and reputation.
Our exclusive Natural Craft and Farming Hands-On Experience is run in our own farm and production facilities, ensuring an authentic and immersive experience.

The Hands-On
Experience program

Immerse Yourself in a Comprehensive, Sustainable Learning Environment

Imagine waking up to the sound of nature, spending your day learning how to craft all-natural personal care products or the concepts and practice of regenerative agriculture, and unwinding in your own terrace with a full sunset view. Our program is designed to provide you with unique skills, knowledge and experiences that will help you enhance your lifestyle while nurturing your mind, body, and soul.

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Any questions? Want to apply?

We have very limited spaces, being able to accommodate just one person or group at a time. Scheduling the initial interview at the earliest opportunity will determine your priority for the selection of dates.


The Natural Craft and Farming Hands-On Experience offers participants a practical approach to gaining the valuable knowledge and skills cherished by Natural Lamu in the crafting of natural personal care products, in the practice of environmentally conscious farming, or in the management of a sustainable business. The experience is designed to be flexible and personalized, ensuring that each participant's individual interests and goals are met while providing a rich and immersive experience in natural living and sustainable practices.

Design and Crafting of Natural Personal Care Products

  • Soap Making

    • Cold process soap making

    • Herbal soaps, perfumed soaps, shampoo bars, scrub soaps

    • Adding natural colors, fragrances, and exfoliants

    • Soap decoration

    • Maturity and packaging

  • Oil Mixes and Balms

    • Selection of carrier oils and essential oils

    • Formulating oil blends for different purposes (e.g., skincare, natural remedies, haircare)

    • Preparation and use of infused oils

    • Creating balms for healing, moisturizing, and other needs

  • Perfumes

    • Basics of fragrance notes

    • Blending of notes and creation of a perfume

    • Creating solid perfumes

  • Body Butters

    • Whipping techniques for a light and fluffy texture

    • Combining butters (shea, cocoa, etc.) with oils

    • Adding scents and other ingredients

  • Face and body masks

    • Fresh masks

    • Dry masks

  • Other Products

    • Bath bombs

    • Natural deodorants and sunscreens

    • Lip balms and lip scrubs

    • Facial and body scrubs

    • Hydrosol mists and sprays

    • Aromatherapy solutions

Environmentally Conscious Farming

  • Compost Generation

    • Basics of composting and its benefits

    • Compost bin setup and maintenance

    • Selecting compostable materials

    • Monitoring and managing compost conditions

  • Soil Regeneration

    • Techniques for improving soil health

    • Using cover crops to enrich the soil

    • Integrating organic matter into soil

    • Practices for preventing soil erosion

  • Cross-Growing Techniques

    • Companion planting principles

    • Benefits of cross-growing different trees, plants, and herbs

    • Planning and layout for effective cross-growing

    • Managing growth cycles and harvesting

  • Drying Herbs

    • Methods for drying different types of herbs

    • Solar drying techniques

    • Direct sun drying methods

    • Preserving the potency and aroma of herbs during drying

  • Growing Herbs and Extracting Benefits from Herbs

    • Techniques for harvesting herbs

    • Infusion techniques to extract essential oils and nutrients

    • Making herb-infused oils and tinctures